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XR Custom Development
How it works

At MadXR, our development process is designed to be collaborative and flexible, ensuring we deliver customized XR solutions that meet our client's needs. We begin by meeting with clients to understand their goals and objectives and then work with their subject matter experts to build out a detailed storyboard for the XR experience. Next, we develop the module using cutting-edge technology and techniques. We conduct user acceptance testing once the module is complete and solicit client feedback to ensure the solution meets their expectations. Finally, we deliver the solution on the user-friendly platform, allowing clients to make tweaks and changes as needed without any help from IT. Through this process, MadXR ensures that clients receive high-quality, engaging, and effective XR solutions that drive results.

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Reusable 3D Assets for VR Development
MadXR - whats provided to you: custom VR module, reusable 3D assets, asset documentation, and transition knowledge share
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